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18 Mar, 2016
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Fewer Danes getting black work done

The Danish tax authority SKAT is most probably rubbing its hands with glee at the latest figures involving work that… read more

Hundreds of Danes die abroad every year

Every year, hundreds of Danes die abroad. Most of them live outside Denmark’s borders, but many tourists die from illness… read more

Danish mothers yearning for better breastfeeding guidance

The number of new Danish mothers who don’t feel adequately prepared to handle the difficulties involved in breastfeeding their babies… read more

On the podiums, on the precipice, on the people: US presidential election

It’s about ‘feeling the Bern’, Trumping up a level, Hillary(ious) overtures and Cruzing for a bruising. Yes indeed. One of… read more

On the podiums, on the precipice, on the people: UK Brexit

On Thursday June 23, British voters will go to the polls to answer the question “Should the United Kingdom remain… read more


The innkeeper, his family and their inspiring resistance

The story of the Hvidsten Group made the celluloid screens across Denmark in 2013, but for the villagers of Hvidsten,… read more


This week's TV: From Hollyoaks to Hollywood

The late Show With James Corden Zulu, March 28-31, 22:30 British actor James Corden was always going to be a… read more

Coming up Soon: Easter creativity, eating merrily and expat fun

Celebrate Easter creatively while meeting new people. Danish Easter is the next theme of The Arts & Crafts Club at… read more

At cinemas: The allegiance needs to be strong!

Big names such as Peter Jackson, Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg have put their weight behind a new initiative in… read more

Concert review: Grinning with Glynne – where you'd rather be

British pop-soul singer Jess Glynne made her first performance on Danish soil at Amager Bio on Wednesday evening. The 26-year-old,… read more