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21 Mar, 2016
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Anker Jørgensen, former Danish prime minister, dead at 93

Anker Jørgensen, Denmark’s prime minister from 1972-1973 and again from 1975-1982 has died. He was 93-years-old. Danish politicians from all… read more

The Se-X Factor: Sexy ad shocks Danish parents

Watching the talent extravaganza X Factor has become a family affair in many Danish homes. So, there was a bit… read more

Former Danish minister Manu Sareen switches parties

Manu Sareen, a former minister and member of parliament for Radikale, has left that party and joined Alternativet “I have… read more

Police warning against deadly narcotics in parts of Denmark

A 21-year-old woman died Saturday morning after consuming a dangerous drug that police in central Jutland say they have not… read more

Gymnasium headteachers favour higher grade point averages for enrolling students

Danish gymnasium headteachers are ready to demand a higher grade point average from upper-secondary students wanting to enroll, reports Jyllands-Posten… read more


Gorgeous Georgie, shy GI, who said “hej hej” to being a guy

An American citizen born to Danish parents, George Jorgensen Jr would return to Denmark to transform into the woman he… read more


Metropolitan magpie serves up a steal from the kiwis

Nobody knows for certain the origins of the word ‘pie’, but the best bet appears to be that it stems… read more

Make your Easter break most egg-cellent!

Easter is quickly approaching and you haven’t made any plans yet! Don’t panic! Copenhagen has so many, they’ve lent us… read more

Capturing the essence of one of Denmark's most important, and Michael Palin's favourite, artists

Nowadays, Vilhelm Hammershøi (1864-1916) is probably the best-known of the older Danish painters outside Denmark. His monochrome aesthetic and stringent… read more

This Week's Editorial: Easter for everybody

Easter remains a Christian holiday. The story of Jesus 2000 years ago is still a major event to remember. In… read more