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22 Mar, 2016
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Danish poet charged in shooting incident

A court in Aarhus has ordered Danish poet Yahya Hassan be held in jail to await trial for a shooting… read more

Name of potential buyer of Danish electronics giant Bang & Olufsen revealed

Danish electronics icon Bang & Olufsen (B&O) is in negotiations with the Sparkle Roll Group, a well-know supplier of high-end… read more

Denmark's largest bank reported to police violating of money laundering regulations

Financial supervisory authority Finanstilsynet (FSA) has reported Danske Bank for violating money laundering regulations. The watchdogs believe that the bank… read more

Municipalities in Denmark look to develop joint mobile network

The 17 municipalities that make up Denmark’s Region Zealand are banding together to ask for a tender for mobile coverage… read more

Copenhagen Airport reveals parking expansion plans

The increased number of passengers travelling through Copenhagen Airport can look forward to more parking options in the future. During… read more


The mother who proved that women can ride bikes too

We are so accustomed to the sight of female cyclists  paying no particular attention to whether they are wearing cycle… read more


Make your Easter break most egg-cellent!

Easter is quickly approaching and you haven’t made any plans yet! Don’t panic! Copenhagen has so many, they’ve lent us… read more

Metropolitan magpie serves up a steal from the kiwis

Nobody knows for certain the origins of the word ‘pie’, but the best bet appears to be that it stems… read more

Capturing the essence of one of Denmark's most important, and Michael Palin's favourite, artists

Nowadays, Vilhelm Hammershøi (1864-1916) is probably the best-known of the older Danish painters outside Denmark. His monochrome aesthetic and stringent… read more

This Week's Editorial: Easter for everybody

Easter remains a Christian holiday. The story of Jesus 2000 years ago is still a major event to remember. In… read more