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29 Mar, 2016
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Danish companies giving high-end foreign workers massive tax breaks

Many foreigners employed by major Danish companies get a significant tax break as part of a scheme that allows them… read more

Man killed in overnight fire in Copenhagen

A 49-year-old man perished in an apartment fire in the Amager section of Copenhagen lats night. “The fire probably occurred… read more

Danish police send 250 drunk Swedes back home

Police in Helsingør were confronted with about 500 drunken Swedish revellers on Easter Sunday evening, many of them teenagers. The… read more

Bill for relocating Danish government jobs growing

The cost of the Danish government’s plan to move nearly 4,000 state jobs from Copenhagen to other locations around the… read more

Danish consul general visits local school in New York

Anne Dorte Riggelsen, the Danish Consul General in New York, visited a public elementary school the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn… read more


From wild winter wilderness to Bronze Age bog bodies

From horny Vikings to contentious cartoons, via nationalist squabbles and callous colonialism, the often-murky history of the land we call… read more


Trading Kingdoms: Brexit

Copenhagen will be at the centre of the Brexit debate on May 2, when the British Chamber of Commerce in… read more

Union Views: Laid off? Three answers you need to get straight

Being fired is stressful, but not necessarily the career kamikaze you might initially think. Labour market studies show that almost… read more

21st Century Alchemy: X-Factor

It’s Friday evening and my wife and daughter are thinking about watching this week’s episode of ‘X Factor’. I too… read more

Capturing the essence of one of Denmark's most important, and Michael Palin's favourite, artists

Nowadays, Vilhelm Hammershøi (1864-1916) is probably the best-known of the older Danish painters outside Denmark. His monochrome aesthetic and stringent… read more