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30 Mar, 2016
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Researcher at University of Copenhagen developing a smarter smart phone cover

Bhaskar Mitra, a 24-year-old food scientist at the University of Copenhagen has developed a prototype for a smartphone cover that… read more

Paparazzi at the playground: how pupils' private lives are being invade by Danish school magazines

Radio24syv has revealed that students in Copenhagen regularly share private details about their classmates in high school magazines. Dirty deets … read more

Police warning against bogus Anglo workmen

It might only be a handful, but a number of English-speaking workers, reportedly from Ireland and England, are busy giving… read more

Danish mosques call for dialogue on government initiatives

A number of Danish politicians have recently called for stricter action to be taken when it comes to the issue… read more

News in Brief: Driver's passive cannabis smoking ruled illegal by Supreme Court

The verdict is in: driving under the influence of cannabis will earn you a suspended license – even if you… read more


The birth of black metal: through the Mercyful Fate of our king

With the rather dubious exception of Aqua’s ubiquitous late-’90s cheesefest ‘Barbie Girl’ – ranked number five on the list of… read more


Happy days walking around in the penguins' feet

At first glance, this might look like a new children’s film – a sequel to Happy Feet starring Ben Stiller.… read more

Union Views: Laid off? Three answers you need to get straight

Being fired is stressful, but not necessarily the career kamikaze you might initially think. Labour market studies show that almost… read more

21st Century Alchemy: X-Factor

It’s Friday evening and my wife and daughter are thinking about watching this week’s episode of ‘X Factor’. I too… read more

Capturing the essence of one of Denmark's most important, and Michael Palin's favourite, artists

Nowadays, Vilhelm Hammershøi (1864-1916) is probably the best-known of the older Danish painters outside Denmark. His monochrome aesthetic and stringent… read more