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07 Apr, 2016
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Many Danish women considering plastic surgery this year

Some 136,000 Danish women over the age of 18 are expecting to have or considering some form of plastic surgery… read more

Infamous 'Spitting Man' agrees to pay fine for racist behaviour

The 58-year-old Danish man, who last September became infamous as ‘The Spitting Man’ after a picture of him spitting on… read more

Outdoor digital ads going live in Copenhagen

From the walking streets to the train stations, the first outdoor digital ads have been springing up across the Danish… read more

Copenhagen gearing up for New Firm heaven

Perhaps you’ve been avoiding Danish football because of the weather. Or maybe potential standard has spooked you off. Whatever the… read more

Copenhagen to gets even sexier this weekend

Human sexuality in all of its glory will be on display at the Erotic World trade show when it shoots… read more


Consorting with the kings and tsars for nearly a millennium

This year marks the 523rd anniversary of the start of official diplomatic relations between Russia and Denmark, which began with the… read more


Early-April Performance: Who said this python is no more!

John Cleese April 4, Mon 19:30; Slagthuset, Jörgen Kocksgatan 7A, Malmö;; 542kr In the matter-of-fact manner of Mr Praline,… read more

Museums Corner: Travelling the world of art in Copenhagen

It’s quite apt that Michael Palin’s favourite painter is Vilhelm Hammershøi, as Copenhagen Museums & Attractions is taking a leaf… read more

Decoding the migrant crisis with little Omar

Kids live in bubbles, don’t they! But even they might have noticed that something pretty momentous is going on right… read more

Inside this Month: Looking forward to the Jewish Easter!

If I learned one thing over the holiday it’s that the Danish for Passover is jødiske påske – Jewish Easter.… read more