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27 Apr, 2016
6° Celsius

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Danish government to spend 200 million kroner on better broadband

Over 25,000 Danish households can now look forward to a better and faster internet connections thanks to a new government… read more

UN bans waste-water dumping in the Baltic Sea

Following years of negotiations, the UN’s International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has ratified new legislation that bans cruise ships from dumping… read more

Danish Home Guard to assist police officers at border

The Danish government has decided to allow Hjemmeværnet, the Home Guard, to assist police with border control. The Home Guard… read more

Volunteers at asylum centre receive death threats for taking down anti-Islam signs

Stine Holm and Signe Marquard Rønn, two volunteers at an asylum centre in Thisted in Northern Jutland, have received death threats… read more

Sometimes it snows in April ... in Denmark

The weather this month has been wet, cold and well, somewhat bizarre, to say the least. And it looks like… read more


The grumpy genius who grimaced in the company of the Danes

We know him for his successes, admiring his works as well as his influences on modern art. A French painter,… read more


At cinemas: Quite the Holmes coming

When it’s the likes of War of the Worlds, Independence Day, Mars Attacks – who doesn’t love a big, bloated… read more

Film review of 'The Daughter'

One of the main strengths of debutant Simon Stone’s The Daughter is its heavily atmospheric sense of place. Swapping Henrik… read more

TV This Week: Long dead, now he's alive!

Pick of the week: Shakespeare Live!      SVT2, Sat 21:30 Whether you’re a Marlovian, Baconian, Oxfordian, there’s probably a… read more

Restaurant Review: Thank goodness it’s … Thursday, but you wouldn’t know it

While clearly a chain restaurant, we got the feeling from the staff and surroundings that we were in a laid-back,… read more