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29 Apr, 2016
10° Celsius

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Increased IS threat against Denmark

According to the Danish intelligence agency PET, a terror attack by Islamic State (IS) is the greatest threat to national… read more

Lego boss passes on the family torch

The Danish toy producer Lego has announced that the head of the family-owned group, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, will abdicate the… read more

More traffic across Øresund despite ID controls

Despite the border controls, more people and vehicles crossed the Øresund by ferry during the first quarter of this year… read more

Anonymous Denmark leaving parent group

The Danish branch of the hacktivist collective Anonymous has decided to split from its parent group AnonHQ. On Tuesday, Anonymous… read more

New evidence suggests Vikings conquered more of England than previously believed

New sculptural, archaeological and linguistic evidence suggests the Vikings conquered much larger territories in medieval England than previously thought, according… read more


Europe’s uncomfortable truth: the hidden price of happiness

Harry Potter wasn’t the first literary figure to suffer the indignity of living in a cupboard. In similar fashion, a… read more


This Week's TV: Kingly manoeuvres are never easy

Pick of the week: 30 for 30 – King’s Ransom SVT2, Thu 21:30 August 9, 1988 is a date all… read more

Macbeth like you've never seen it before

Brand new theatre company Down the Rabbit Hole is staging John Christopher-Wood’s inventive comedy about a bored expat couple’s attempt… read more

Inside the mind of the samurai warrior

Mute Comp Physical Theatre presents a raw and palpable performance inspired by Japanese legendary samurai warrior Miyamoto Musachi and his… read more

Early-May Events: Red Flag, Mayday! Do not miss this!

The long Whitsun weekend is coming up and once again the palatial Ledreborg estate will open its rolling gardens and… read more