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25 May, 2016
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Fewer Danish parents getting separated

According to new figures from the national statistics keeper Danmarks Statistik, 23,775 Danish parents separated in 2015, down 2,200 from… read more

Copenhagen Municipality to fight diabetes in capital region

Copenhagen Municipality and the Danish Diabetes Association are teaming up to fight diabetes in the capital region. The new initiative,… read more

Danish research: Microalgae could help produce medicine more efficiently

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen (KU) are investigating a new method of using microalgae to produce the complex molecules… read more

Bornholm restaurant among the best in Europe

Kadeau Bornholm, a seaside restaurant on the island of Bornholm, has been named on a list of the top 200… read more

Denmark part of new humanitarian effort

Kristian Jensen, the foreign minister, is in Istanbul taking part in the Humanitarian World Summit in Istanbul. He has committed… read more


The day the graphics died: How Ib touched his country deep inside

The man who coloured in the childhoods of most Danish people alive today is dead. The multi-talented Ib Spang Olsen,… read more


Three nights of wall-to-wall theatre

The Copenhagen Theatre Circle is staging its second Fringe Festival after last year’s success, bringing you music, drama and excitement… read more

At Cinemas: Festival darlings and pariahs

In the glare of French sunshine and press flashbulbs, Cannes continues its midwifery, birthing many of the films we’ll be… read more

Worth sailing over stormy waters for

Rod Stewart & The Platinums Thu May 26, 19:30; Malmö Arena, Hyllie Stationstorg 2, Malmö; 1,270kr Rod Stewart is a… read more

Immune to fatigue, meet the new X-kids on the block

When Bryan Singer returned to this franchise with 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, the series he helped create back… read more