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14 Jun, 2016
17° Celsius

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Self-scanning passport stations introduced at Kastrup Airport

Self-scanning passport stations were introduced at Kastrup Airport on Monday. The stations are meant to be used by people travelling… read more

Denmark lacking male blood donors

The sight of a needle and blood can make even the toughest guy feel squeamish, but donating the elixir of life… read more

LGBT Danes want Danish Muslim organisations to condemn Orlando attack

LGBT Danes from minority backgrounds have called on Danish Muslim organisations for help in fighting homophobia in the wake of… read more

Aarhus AC/DC concert unsafe, say concert-goers

Although many Danish AC/DC fans seemed to have warmed to the idea of the Axel Rose-led edition of the band,… read more

Denmark remains second most peaceful country in the world

Denmark is the second most peaceful country in the world, just behind Iceland – the same as in 2015. The 2016… read more


The inextinguishable composer whose kudos is ever increasing

On 9 June 1925, when composer Carl Nielsen turned 60, he awoke to find a brass band playing outside his… read more


The Director's Cut: There's always a way!

The only safe thing is to take a chance,” the late, great film director Mike Nichols, best known for making… read more

Vega’s New Crush: A line-up of upcoming artists

On May 26, Copenhagen concert venue Vega held the second edition of its event ‘Vega’s New Crush’, which invites emerging… read more

Mid-June Events: A medieval mock-up at the abbey

Æbelholt Abbey Fair June 11-12; Æbelholt Abbey, Hillerød; 75kr This is a fantastic recreation of the original medieval festival, all… read more

They had the X Factor, but do we give an XXXX?

Little Mix Tue 14 June, 19:30; Falconer Salen; 360kr X Factor Franken-group Little Mix have been on the music scene… read more