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16 Jun, 2016
18° Celsius

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Denmark’s Folkemødet by the numbers

Denmark’s annual political extravaganza, Folkemødet, was an idea posited by the culture minister, Bertel Haarder, six years ago, and the… read more

Capital's health supremo to look into banning body-shaming ads in the city

Copenhagen’s deputy mayor for health, Ninna Thomsen, in a move inspired by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, has vowed to look into… read more

Rainy Folkemødet underway ... but does it really matter?

Politicians are the big draw at Folkemødet, the yearly political circus in Allinge on Bornholm. The public, the press, the… read more

Danish government agrees that circumcision is a human right

Despite the vast majority of the Danish population being in favour of banning the circumcision of boys, the Danish government… read more

Africa counting on Denmark to lead it to greener pastures

With the sharp and constant rise of issues related to global warming, governments are increasingly debating their options in green… read more


From sailors to kings: tattoos move beyond Nyhavn

In the 1950s and 1960s, the Nyhavn tattoo scene was still populated by the same band of one-named tattoo artists… read more


Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival 2016

From August 19-28, Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival will be celebrating the culinary culture of Copenhagen and Denmark as fantastic… read more

Vega’s New Crush: A line-up of upcoming artists

On May 26, Copenhagen concert venue Vega held the second edition of its event ‘Vega’s New Crush’, which invites emerging… read more

Mid-June Events: A medieval mock-up at the abbey

Æbelholt Abbey Fair June 11-12; Æbelholt Abbey, Hillerød; 75kr This is a fantastic recreation of the original medieval festival, all… read more

They had the X Factor, but do we give an XXXX?

Little Mix Tue 14 June, 19:30; Falconer Salen; 360kr X Factor Franken-group Little Mix have been on the music scene… read more