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28 Jun, 2016
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Danish politicians calling for stiffer penalties for revenge porn

Sharing sexual images and videos of others without their permission should cost the perpetrator three years behind bars argue members of… read more

Danish supermarkets Netto and Foetex to stop the sale of battery-cage eggs

From September 1, customers at supermarkets Netto and Føtex will no longer be able to purchase eggs laid by caged… read more

Copenhagen Municipality tackles neighbourhood morale in Nørrebro

While neighbourhood cheer is on the rise in most parts of Copenhagen, Nørrebro residents are more insecure living in their… read more

Behind closed bathroom doors

Women are more squeamish than men about standards at public restrooms and less likely to use them in every single… read more

Parents responsible for most child abuse cases

Children who wind up in one of Denmark’s five children’s homes have often endured violence at the hands of their… read more


Mishra's Mishmash: A celebration of democracy

Almost half a century ago, the Swedish PM Olof Palme had the idea to give a political speech during his… read more


Cosy din-dins with Tintin in Denmark’s Saint Tropez

Set on a road populated by villas and rarely-tested Land Rovers, Hotel Hornbækhus emerges majestically from the shade of the… read more

Film review of 'Independence Day: Resurgence'

When disaster master Roland Emmerich first cast the shadow of Independence Day across our cinemas, it promised 80’s kids like… read more

At cinemas: Say it ain't so, Hank

Haven’t we’ve lived our lives for two whole decades without once pondering that which the world lacks – and landing… read more

TV this week: Sports, cowboys and a really rough shave

Pick of the week: Mississippi Burning DR3, Tue 22:00 This classic from the late 80s follows the story of two… read more