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20 Jan, 2016
12° Celsius

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Danish F-16 goes down in the North Sea

An F-16 fighter jet belonging to Danish Defence has crashed into the North Sea off the coast of the island… read more

Amateur archaeologist finds Viking treasure on Danish island

A Danish amateur archaeologist has made a stunning find on the island of Omø just off the coast of southern… read more

All lit up but no place to go

Starting from January 1 next year, smoking will be completely banned for all municipal workers in Randers. “The major change… read more

Dark chips cause cancer, say researchers

Danes tend to like their French fries overcooked, or at least browner than the soggy chips the Brits prefer, for… read more

Tivoli to open massive food market

The Copenhagen amusement park Tivoli has confirmed it intends to commence the construction of a huge food market, dubbed the… read more


“A celebration of ice-cold water”

Visitors to Denmark are often surprised to learn that Danes leave their infants outside to sleep in the cold Nordic… read more


Late-October Music: Sweden's Bob Dylan

  The Tallest Man on Earth Tue Oct 27, 20:00, Vega; 300kr  No, he isn’t really the tallest man on… read more

Love, family, death, heroism, battles, lesbians and potentially ruptured spleens

Why run? To escape, to chase, to win. To be a hero. Edoardo Erba’s single-act play ‘Marathon’ asks this question… read more

Fast food goodies for those not in a MAD rush

  If there is something that I am MAD about, it is America. I have had a fascination with the… read more

Film Review: Slow West

An unexpected offering from the UK and New Zealand, this sparse and simple western has a steady pace and a… read more