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25 Aug, 2016
27° Celsius

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FC Copenhagen in Champions League wonderland

FC Copenhagen reached the group stage of the holy grail of football tonight following a 1-1 draw in Cyprus against… read more

Man arrested on suspicion of setting cars ablaze in Copenhagen

A 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion that he has set dozens of cars alight in various parts of Copenhagen… read more

Denmark celebrates a home-winner in the Risotto World Cup

The key is to never stop stirring. No, we’re not talking about Donald Trump’s campaign, although he’d probably agree by… read more

Scottish scourge of Legoland faces wrath of council back home

Short of sending Franco Begbie as a special envoy to raise his kilt à la ‘Carry on Up the Kyber’… read more

Christiansborg conference could set up Copenhagen to become the Davos of food

Aside from the food festivities and frivolities, there is a serious side to the ongoing Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival… read more


Pillars to the Post: An international perspective on art

For ten days from August 26, the annually held, publically-funded Cph Art Week (see page 22 for details) will celebrate… read more


Lining them up at the Copenhagen Beer & Whisky Festival

Do you like beer? Do you like whisky? Then come and sample a fantastic collection at the inaugural Copenhagen Beer… read more

The countdown to Aarhus Festival 2016 has begun

  Wherever you are in Denmark right now, if you want to have a good time, travel to Aarhus, because… read more

Late-August Music: Christopher walking tall, twerking it like Miley

Christopher Fri Aug 19, 21:30; Tivoli, entry included with admission A dominant force in the Danish charts, Christopher’s fans might… read more

Words acquire more meaning amongst the artworks at Louisiana Literature 2016

Walking into Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, guests are greeted with a banner loudly and proudly announcing the ongoing Louisiana… read more