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26 Aug, 2016
29° Celsius

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FC Copenhagen draws dream group in Champions League

For qualifying to the Champions League group stage on Wednesday night, FC Copenhagen were rewarded with a fantastic group in yesterday… read more

Samsø has Denmark's only non-Danish mayor

The ongoing struggles of certain nationalities trying to differentiate Danish from Dutch look set to continue thanks to the approaching 50th birthday of a… read more

Every third Dane wishes Queen Margrethe finally retired

More than one in three Danes would like to see Queen Margrethe II abdicate within the next 12 months, reveals a… read more

Danish scientists use elephant seals to monitor ocean water around Antarctica

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen have used elephant seals to collect marine data from Prydz Bay, an area in… read more

Black holes not as black as they are painted

On Wednesday August 24, world-famous British scientist Stephen Hawking took part in the Distinguished Lectures series sponsored by the Carlsberg… read more


The biggest financial disaster of the 20th century ... in Denmark

As a story of corruption and colossal mismanagement, the failure of one of Denmark’s largest banks in 1922 has never… read more


Lining them up at the Copenhagen Beer & Whisky Festival

Do you like beer? Do you like whisky? Then come and sample a fantastic collection at the inaugural Copenhagen Beer… read more

The countdown to Aarhus Festival 2016 has begun

  Wherever you are in Denmark right now, if you want to have a good time, travel to Aarhus, because… read more

Late-August Music: Christopher walking tall, twerking it like Miley

Christopher Fri Aug 19, 21:30; Tivoli, entry included with admission A dominant force in the Danish charts, Christopher’s fans might… read more

Words acquire more meaning amongst the artworks at Louisiana Literature 2016

Walking into Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, guests are greeted with a banner loudly and proudly announcing the ongoing Louisiana… read more