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20 Jan, 2016
10° Celsius

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October was a record month for asylum-seekers in Denmark

A record number of people applied for asylum in Denmark last month, according to new figures from the Housing and… read more

Nordic energy delegation eyes energy solution in Ivory Coast

A Nordic delegation of energy companies is currently in Abidjan, Ivory Coast to meet with a number of African financial… read more

Homeless man gets three months in jail for free train rides

A 46-year-old homeless man was yesterday sentenced by a court in Glostrup to three months in prison for taking 928… read more

Rasmussen rules out offering asylum to Snowden

The EU Parliament has adopted a non-binding resolution calling on member states to give Edward Snowden asylum. And Alternativet and… read more

The raven is flying high in Denmark

To quoth the American poet Edgar Allen Poe, “nevermore” shall the raven be removed from Danish shore. Well, perhaps not… read more


The A-list designer who made a splash with the B-age

This year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week was once again missing one of its greatest designers. Margit Brandt, who influenced Danish wardrobes for… read more


The woman behind 'The Danish Girl'

Big pictures in powder-puff colours showing blood-red lips and beautiful women on canvas. You’d think that was nothing new, but… read more

Early-November Music: In the UK, they have Guy Fawkes; in Denmark, we've got Keith Flint

Electronic: The Prodigy Thu Nov 5, 20:00; TAP 1, Carlsberg, Cph V; 430kr The iconic group The Prodigy, one of… read more

November Kids: Plenty to do indoors!

The Sound of Music almost daily until Dec 31; Det Ny Teater, Gammel Kongevej 29, Cph V; 200-575kr; Immortalised… read more

Five have a wonderful time – with lashings of ginger-infused rum

  Visiting Fugu cocktail bar made me recall how back at high school, my friends and I always had this… read more