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19 Oct, 2016
10° Celsius

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Denmark among most empathetic nations in the world

For the first time ever, researchers have compiled a system that ranks nations by how empathetic their citizens are, and… read more

Hack the system! How open data can aid integration into Danish society

Hacking used to mean something illegal and make you think of 1980s blockbuster ‘Wargames’. Today, it has a more positive… read more

Danish man prefers deadly poison to a ride to court with cops

A 61-year-old man decided that he was going to make life extremely difficult for some north Jutland police officers that… read more

Danish industry well placed to prosper in Iran

Danish exports to Iran jumped 66 percent in the 17 months ending 31 May 2016, according to Danny Annan, the… read more

More creepy clowns in Denmark

Three young boys walking down a street in Skælskør, west Zealand were accosted by a man in a clown suit… read more


Adolf Hitler behind the largest bicycle theft in Danish history

When Adolf Hitler confiscated thousands of Danish bikes during the Occupation in 1944, it was the largest case of bicycle theft in… read more


Out and About: Clashing at Charlie's, the cathedral of conkers

For the second year running, the Copenhagen Conker Championship was staged outside Charlie’s Pub in the city centre last weekend.… read more

Art deco paradise for those who don’t stream by

A needle in a haystack or a diamond in the rough – however you want to phrase it, don’t just… read more

The city is your oyster on Culture Night

Now in its 24th year, Culture Night brings you a host of activities and adventures over one night. With more… read more

Tivoli welcomes you to the pumpkin pleasuredome

Tivoli has today opened its doors for its Halloween season, promising phantoms, pumpkins and pleasure by the bucket-load. This year’s… read more