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25 Oct, 2016
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Denmark remains among world's top 'quality of life' nations

Denmark has once again found itself at the top of an index ranking the nations of the world in terms… read more

More international investment in Denmark

According to new figures from the National Bank, 2015 saw an increase in international investment in Denmark for the second… read more

Billionaire’s monster yacht will impact air traffic at Copenhagen Airport

When the Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko sails his giga-yacht ‘Sailing Yacht A’ home from the shipyard in Germany, the… read more

Danish government would allow minors to serve alcohol

The Danish government is moving to allow 15-year-olds to serve alcohol in restaurants. Currently, the minimum age is 18. Venstre… read more

Danes in rural areas not doing enough exercise

With fitness chains popping up everywhere, it’s not difficult for Danes living in cities to locate methods of exercise to… read more


The Danish author who made learning to read as fun as AC/DC

In 1999, the newspaper Politiken ran a readers’ competition to find the best Danish books of the century. Halfdan Rasmussen’s… read more


About Town: Saluting Slovakia, Saudi Arabia and the land we used to call Sinae

China, Saudi Arabia and Slovakia have all recently celebrated their national days.   Chinese ambassador Liu Biwei (above) hosted a… read more

Theatre review: Between genius and madness lies the proof

It was raining, so we decided to take the bus. We did not want to be late for the opening… read more

Performance Review: Beethoven Teaterkoncert

The theatre concert ‘Beethoven Teaterkoncert’ is a tremendous show that delivers a surprisingly multi-layered, engrossing, and musically blissful experience. ‘Theatre… read more

Tivoli welcomes you to the pumpkin pleasuredome

Tivoli has today opened its doors for its Halloween season, promising phantoms, pumpkins and pleasure by the bucket-load. This year’s… read more