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30 Nov, 2016
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Denmark second in the world at fostering talent

When it comes to developing, investing in, attracting and retaining talent, Denmark is among the very best in the world,… read more

Why Copenhageners' parking habits are being monitored by drones

Ever feel like you’re being watched? And then you turn around, look up and see somebody at a window. That’s… read more

Political co-operation in Øresund Region losing public support

The Swedish public’s support for the new Danish-Swedish political collaboration in the Øresund Region has diminished, according to a survey carried out… read more

One in 20 Danes never use the internet

Barely a month goes by without the release of another TV series or film about a bunch of desperados living… read more

Denmark most expensive nation in the EU

“Come on Norway and Switzerland, when are you going to join the EU and give us some real competition.” That’s… read more


Game of Thrones has the king of the north; the home of games the Strauss of the north

If you thought Andersen was the only luminary of Denmark’s Golden Age with the forenames Hans Christian, then think again!… read more


Theatre Review: The early Christmas gift that keeps on giving

It was a thunderous reception that greeted Vivienne McKee when she stepped out onto the stage on premiere night at Tivoli’s… read more

You better Belieb it! Justin's coming back to Denmark

Justin Bieber fans in Denmark can pencil 5 June 2017 into their calendars as a day reserved for pulsating pop… read more

Winter for Kids: Sledging, skating, superkids, and Scrooge!

The Wolf Hills all year-round; Ulvedalene, Klampenborg; free adm Who says fun can’t come cheap? Filled with green wild grass… read more

December Performance: Two nuts to crack!

The Nutcracker 1 Dec 1-30, Tue-Thu 19:00, Sat-Sun 13:00 & 17:00; Docken, Færgehavnsvej 35, Cph Nordhavn; 295-465kr,; 165 mins… read more