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20 Jan, 2016
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Migrant workers in Denmark send billions back home

Foreign workers in Denmark from places like Lebanon, China and Thailand send billions of kroner every year to those left… read more

Denmark sending radar equipment to the fight against the Islamic State

As was proposed in late September, Danish radar equipment along with a 30-man team is being sent to assist with… read more

New low-cost airline flying out of northern Jutland

A new low-cost airline has joined in the fight for air travellers in northern Jutland. Airnavia will start offering low-cost… read more

More hunters using bow and arrow

Hunters are putting down their rifles and picking up a bow and a quiver of arrows instead. “It is an… read more

More refugee children arriving in Denmark

Denmark has seen a large influx of refugees lately, with numbers tripling in the last two years alone. A new… read more


Sugar and spice and keeping the nisser nice at Jul time

  Growing up, I experienced the typical British Christmas: marked by opportunist mistletoe-clingers, cracker joke comedians and the havoc wreaked… read more


Coming up soon: Hypnobirthing, hobby passions and the history of Buddhism

  ‘Share an Interest’: Listen to non-professional speakers talk about a subject they are passionate about. You can also apply… read more

A reflection of its surroundings, it's big, bold and beautiful

Finding Garum was like discovering a gem in a haystack. In the busiest part of the city, just across from… read more

She immortalised herself with a brush long before hubby did it with a snip

The name Gerda Wegener is probably unfamiliar to most people unless they are hardcore art buffs. However, hot on the… read more

CPH Career: Write your CV on your own!

With the autumn months almost behind us and a new hiring season upon us, I am writing to share the… read more