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14 Dec, 2016
4° Celsius

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Police confident they have located weapon used to kill officer in Albertslund

Copenhagen’s Vestegns Police has located a weapon that it believes was probably used in the killing of a 43-year-old policeman, Jesper… read more

Single men pay a steep price on their health

A new survey by the Men’s Health Society has revealed that being single can have considerable adverse effects on the… read more

Flu season starting early this year

The annual flu season has arrived in Denmark earlier than usual, indicates the increasing number of patients with influenza registered by Statens Serum… read more

Greenland blasts Denmark: “Your arrogance is devastating”

Greenland’s membership in the Danish Commonwealth is looking increasingly bleak following Greenland’s government openly chastising the Danes for ignoring the… read more

Nordic research shows significant health benefits of cycling regularly

In a nation that prides itself on being the best in the world for cycling, it can still be tough… read more


Jealous in Buenos Aires, as a Dane proved it actually takes one to tango

Back in the 1970s it was estimated that the work was played somewhere in the world every minute of the day, a feat… read more


Out and About: The elephant in the room is there's not enough room in our bellies

On the walls of Lo-Jo’s, there’s a vibrant elephant drawing for every country the Australian owner George Booth has lived… read more

Don’t be a naughty boy and miss the Messiah!

For many Danes, it wouldn’t be Christmas without an evening out to listen to one of the most popular pieces… read more

At Cinemas: Resistance is futile to ignore the rise of this Empire

The once proud Republic has fallen. Democracy has failed the people. In its place there stands a ruthless dictator presiding… read more

What's on TV (Dec 9-15): Tales of turpitude on Tinder

PICK OF THE WEEK: The Secret World of Tinder SVT1, Thu 22:45 Smartphones have changed dating forever, making the search for… read more