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15 Dec, 2016
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Determined Danes raze Romanians to reach semis

The Danish women’s handball team qualified for the semi-finals of the European Championships thanks to a 21-17 win against Romania… read more

Former Israeli soldiers pick up Danish freedom award in Copenhagen

The banquet hall at the National Museum in Copenhagen played host to the presentation of the PL Foundation Freedom Award… read more

Pokémon Go and Olympic medalist Pernille Blume most googled in Denmark

Pokémon Go has not only been the most downloaded free app in Denmark this year, but also the most searched… read more

What the duck? When did turkey suddenly become a popular Christmas choice?

I tell you no porkies, there’s something foul going on in the state of Denmark. Oh sorry, that should be ‘fowl’.… read more

Denmark ranks near the top for research and development expenditure

In 2015, Denmark spent 59.976 billion kroner on research and development – about 1.7 billion more than in 2014 and the third… read more


Wilhelm Freddie: a portrait of the artist as an outlaw

To be unappreciated in one’s own lifetime – a clever lament that only goes halfway in capturing the long life… read more


Out and About: The elephant in the room is there's not enough room in our bellies

On the walls of Lo-Jo’s, there’s a vibrant elephant drawing for every country the Australian owner George Booth has lived… read more

Don’t be a naughty boy and miss the Messiah!

For many Danes, it wouldn’t be Christmas without an evening out to listen to one of the most popular pieces… read more

At Cinemas: Resistance is futile to ignore the rise of this Empire

The once proud Republic has fallen. Democracy has failed the people. In its place there stands a ruthless dictator presiding… read more

What's on TV (Dec 9-15): Tales of turpitude on Tinder

PICK OF THE WEEK: The Secret World of Tinder SVT1, Thu 22:45 Smartphones have changed dating forever, making the search for… read more