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20 Jan, 2016
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Three young men found dead in Frederiksberg flat

Police are investigating the case of three men found dead in a flat in Frederiksberg yesterday afternoon as triple homicide.… read more

Hundreds imprisoned for door-to-door drugs deliveries

Never before have so many Danes been imprisoned for delivering cannabis or cocaine to someone’s door that was ordered over… read more

Tax authority roundly criticised

National auditor Rigsrevisionen has been investigating tax authority Skat’s ability to do its job. And now the government auditor, Statsrevisorerne,… read more

Cyclists unwittingly cheating themselves out of tax deductions

Very few cyclists going back and forth to work realise they are entitled to the same type of mileage deductions… read more

Foreign criminals in Denmark refusing to sign deportation papers

Extra Bladet reported on Wednesday that Denmark is having enormous difficulties deporting its foreign-born criminals, some of whom are refusing… read more


Sugar and spice and keeping the nisser nice at Jul time

  Growing up, I experienced the typical British Christmas: marked by opportunist mistletoe-clingers, cracker joke comedians and the havoc wreaked… read more


Coming up soon: Hypnobirthing, hobby passions and the history of Buddhism

  ‘Share an Interest’: Listen to non-professional speakers talk about a subject they are passionate about. You can also apply… read more

A reflection of its surroundings, it's big, bold and beautiful

Finding Garum was like discovering a gem in a haystack. In the busiest part of the city, just across from… read more

Film Review: 'Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)'

  Putting aside the fact that we now know the 2003 invasion of Iraq was an illegal war waged on… read more

CPH Career: Write your CV on your own!

With the autumn months almost behind us and a new hiring season upon us, I am writing to share the… read more