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16 Dec, 2016
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Danish film shortlisted for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar

Martin Pieter Zandvliet’s post-World War II drama ‘Under sandet’ (’Land of Mine’) has been shortlisted along with eight other films… read more

Skilled workers the missing ingredient for Danish food companies

If you buy an ice cream anywhere in the world, there is a 50 percent chance that it contains or… read more

Danish teens still most boozy in Europe

The newly-released 2015 ESPAD Report has found that Danish teens aged 15-16 are more often intoxicated than their European peers.… read more

The Copenhagen tours using this map visit Chlamydia Castle and the Hipsterlamic State

“So do you fancy going to Chlamydia Castle for New Year’s Eve?” Few Copenhageners will require further information. This night… read more

Game changer for CPH Airport: Massive expansion in the works

In an effort to maintain its status as the biggest airport in the Nordic region and an international hub in… read more


Wilhelm Freddie: a portrait of the artist as an outlaw

To be unappreciated in one’s own lifetime – a clever lament that only goes halfway in capturing the long life… read more


Out and About: The elephant in the room is there's not enough room in our bellies

On the walls of Lo-Jo’s, there’s a vibrant elephant drawing for every country the Australian owner George Booth has lived… read more

Don’t be a naughty boy and miss the Messiah!

For many Danes, it wouldn’t be Christmas without an evening out to listen to one of the most popular pieces… read more

At Cinemas: Not getting on – how bookies target diseased punters

Nobody wants a good tip these days! I place three to four bets a year, always at long odds, and… read more

Coming up Soon: Hendrix, hip swinging and Hark the herald angels sing

Learn salsa and help a good cause. Come to Salsa4Water and swing your hips to classic Latino rhythms. All profits… read more