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06 Jan, 2017
-5° Celsius

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Freezing temperatures causing dangerous driving conditions in Denmark

With temperatures dipping past -13 degrees Celsius, this morning is the coldest this winter. The low temperatures have also made… read more

Copenhagen's international students and spouses finding employment thanks to municipal courses

Job programs launched by Copenhagen Municipality are boosting the employment prospects of former foreign students and the spouses of highly-skilled… read more

Danish government to raise speed limits following trial

Following a successful trial period, the government has decided to raise speed limits on certain rural roads and motorways where… read more

Man arrested in connection with YouSee customers' queen's speech 'no see'

It would appear that a television blackout that prevented hundreds of thousands of YouSee subscribers from watching the Danish queen’s speech on… read more

Danish researchers: climate change impacting migrating birds

New research from the Natural History Museum of Denmark at the University of Copenhagen has concluded that climate change will… read more


Scotland's forgotten earl – a part of Danish history

The earl of Bothwell remains in Denmark. His remains are entombed in Faarevejle Church, near Holbæk in northwest Zealand, for all to visit,… read more


You thought the weather was bad? This year's CTC pantomime is chilling!

Since the winter of 2011-12, the Copenhagen Theatre Circle has been delighting both young and old with its annual pantomime,… read more

You better Belieb it! Justin's coming back to Denmark

Justin Bieber fans in Denmark can pencil 5 June 2017 into their calendars as a day reserved for pulsating pop… read more

At Cinemas: Not getting on – how bookies target diseased punters

Nobody wants a good tip these days! I place three to four bets a year, always at long odds, and… read more

A Highwayman's return: Kris Kristofferson riding back to Denmark

Copenhagen’s new folk and food festival Komos isn’t wasting any time in bringing in the big guns for its opening… read more