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20 Jan, 2016
11° Celsius

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Danes increasingly injuring themselves at fitness centres

In just a few short years, the number of Danes injuring themselves at fitness centres nationwide has skyrocketed, according to… read more

MØ smashes Spotify record for most streamed song

Danish singer MØ has smashed the all-time record on the web player Spotify for the most played song with ‘Lean on’, a… read more

No half measures from Julemand this year

Danes are expected to spend more on Christmas gifts this year – an increase on the 3,000 kroner they averaged last… read more

Highest number of job postings for seven years

A record number of job postings, some 30,560, was advertised in the month of October, reports Finans. While the number of… read more

Tropical hurricane could be gusting towards Denmark

Not even a week has passed since Storm Freja blew across Denmark knocking over trees in the process, but there’s… read more


Sitting in a tin can, and profiting from them too

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on the streets of Sarajevo at the end of June 1914 was enough to… read more


This week's TV: Crazy to miss this!

  Crazy ex-girlfriend DR3, sat 20:00 or mon 22:00 DR didn’t waste any time buying this one hot on the… read more

Coming up soon: Swing dancing, storytelling and Slovakian matters

  A chocolate course for beginners in English! Learn the art of making chocolate from scratch with a French chocolatier.… read more

At cinemas: Four more opportunities knock at DOX

  Aw-wight geezers? This week we head to London town for Legend – the second film to dramatise the lives… read more

Film review of: 'Legend'

  The Kray Twins were gangsters from London’s East End who achieved the sort of celebrity most criminals would be… read more