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20 Jan, 2016
11° Celsius

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Brøndby most violent municipality in Denmark

According to new figures from the national statistics keeper Danmarks Statistik, the western Copenhagen suburb of Brøndby is the most… read more

Danish ice cream manufacturer changing its name from Isis

The Danish Aarhus-based ice cream company Isis is changing its name to avoid associations with the terrorist organisation Islamic State… read more

Government proposes amendments to much-maligned university ‘progress reform’

The government announced today that it wants to make amendments to the much-maligned university ‘progress reform’ to give universities more… read more

Majority in Parliament wants criminal asylum-seekers automatically sent home

A political majority is in agreement that asylum-seekers who are convicted of serious crimes should be sent home, Metroxpress reports.… read more

Brace yourselves: Here comes the cold ... and perhaps snow

November is on pace to be the warmest in Danish history, but those aspirations could take a cold wind to the… read more


The Hans who rocked Catholicism to reform the church

Throughout history, religious reformations have changed the way people look at the concept of faith and a higher power. Denmark… read more


Takes your Down Under expectations over and beyond

  Australian food. Other than something about Vegemite and throwing another shrimp on the barbie, we don’t know much about… read more

CPH:DOX review of 'Deprogrammed'

‘Deprogrammed’ is an investigative documentary that looks into not only the phenomenon of so-called cults that emerged in the US… read more

CPH:DOX review of 'Uncertain'

‘Uncertain’ is a simple, poetic film full of humanity and horror. The title character is a town that lies on… read more

Quite the carry on up the jungle

Normally when I’m playing Granny, I am flanked by Jake and Morfar. Reinforcements. Just in case my back gives out… read more