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16 Feb, 2017
7° Celsius

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Government looking into missile defence against Russians

The Cold War rhetoric is reaching new heights for Denmark with the government announcing plans to look into whether Danish… read more

Nordic Innovation House in New York green-lighted

According to the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM), the Nordic nations are on the brink of opening a new Nordic… read more

Danish Tabloid News in Brief: No love lost for Trump or baldy, but plenty for Woz

Trump’s most insane proposal yet? In the build-up to the US Presidential Election, a day didn’t go by without a… read more

Right-wing Danish party offering immigrants phoney one-way tickets home

The extreme right-wing political group Danskernes Parti is handing out a flyer with a message to what they call ‘real… read more

Distortion to return with minimal alterations for a change

Why would Distortion change a winning formula? Well, before this heads into ‘What have the Romans ever done for us’… read more


The explorer who came in from the cold to wallow in squalour

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives, and when they run out, few of us… read more


Put on your Valentine’s Day mascara, you're going out!

Even in mythological times the Danes had a more practical view of romance. Greek and Roman mythology is filled with… read more

Entertaining the kids: Winter holiday week is here!

School’s out for Week 7, which means there are nine full days of quality family time ahead from Saturday 12… read more

Museums Corner: Winter break holidays into the unknown to rediscover the past

Life is a mystery,” Madonna once pointed out. “Everyone must stand alone.” She wasn’t wrong, and now your kids have… read more

Late-February Music: Kisses or no-nos?

The xx Feb 10, 20:00; Forum Copenhagen; 410kr The London-based indie-rock trio met each other as teens – at the… read more