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17 Feb, 2017
7° Celsius

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Pharma company pulls painkillers from Danish shelves

The pharmaceutical company Takeda Pharma is pulling its packages of Pamol, which contain three-hundred 500 mg pills of Paracetamol, because pills containing… read more

Fog lifting in Denmark just in time for the weekend

The weekend weather in Denmark is looking surprisingly warm for this time of year. There will be plenty of sunshine… read more

Danish store clerk attacked with liquid during latest Amager robbery

Police suspect that ammonium chloride, known as salmiak in Denmark, was used in an attack by two masked men during… read more

Record number of lorries crossing Danish borders

Lorries crossed Danish borders in record numbers last year. On average, 5,555 trucks per day crossed into Denmark – an… read more

Holiday rule grey areas addressed in new agreement in Denmark

To paraphrase Mr Bumble in Oliver Twist: “If that’s the eye of the law, the law is an ass!” And… read more


At the crack of dawn, they woke up to a new world order

Set on the eve of Winston Churchill’s defeat in the 1945 General Election, a momentous day in British history –… read more


Discount if you attend in your Viking costume!

Midvinter Festival Feb 17-19; Østerbrohuset, Århusgade 103, Cph Ø; 60kr, under-15s: 50kr, reductions if dressed in costume Are you ready… read more

Late-February Events: No shortcuts to the perfect G&T

CPH Gin Festival Feb 17-18, 12:00-20:30; Lokomotivværkstedet, Otto Busses Vej 5A, Cph SV; 220kr Blooming Aida! Copious amounts of gin… read more

Museums Corner: Winter break holidays into the unknown to rediscover the past

Life is a mystery,” Madonna once pointed out. “Everyone must stand alone.” She wasn’t wrong, and now your kids have… read more

Late-February Music: Kisses or no-nos?

The xx Feb 10, 20:00; Forum Copenhagen; 410kr The London-based indie-rock trio met each other as teens – at the… read more