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20 Jan, 2016
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Denmark's wealthy have tripled their income over the last three decades

Since the mid-1980s, the elite in Denmark have tripled their annual net income, according to new figures from the labour… read more

Moose returns to Denmark

This morning, five moose calves arrived in Lille Vildmose in Himmerland in northeastern Jutland. The job of the new arrivals… read more

When a Dane's struggling to control his turf, he rents a cow to cut his grass!

Rent A Cow, a company based in Skælskør in western Zealand, rents out grazing cattle to municipalities, businesses and estates… read more

Danish cannabis stronger than ever

The cannabis sold on Danish streets is stronger than ever. The concentration of its psychoactive substance, THC, has tripled in… read more

Hygge to be had before Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s time to go out and stock up on supplies. Head out soon to cut down… read more


Denmark's answer to Rudolph Valentino was arguably a bigger star

In the relatively young and rapidly changing art-form we call cinema, many of its early triumphs are fast becoming forgotten.… read more


Chart a path to the one-off crafts at the arty Xmas markets

Like every year, Copenhagen will become permeated with Christmas spirit way earlier than December. From mid to late November, the… read more

Warm your spirits with Christmas log and a glug of gløgg

Visiting most Christmas markets isn’t really about the shopping, it’s about the experience. Treat yourself to a cup of gløgg… read more

Vino at the Chateau: It’s a crime, you’ve had too much bad wine, there’s Amarone!

Rivalries run deep in the old world, and the long standoff between the two wine-producing empires of France and Italy… read more

Quite the carry on up the jungle

Normally when I’m playing Granny, I am flanked by Jake and Morfar. Reinforcements. Just in case my back gives out… read more