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14 Mar, 2017
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Copenhagen among world's most liveable cities

With its short working week, safe streets, good public transport, top work-life balance and excellent bicycle infrastructure, it doesn’t matter… read more

SAS cancels all flights to and from New York

Due to the blizzard currently menacing the eastern US seaboard, the Scandinavian airline SAS has cancelled all of today’s flights… read more

Having little and holding on: the generation of Danes who refuse to fly the nest

When it comes to wedding vows, there’s little doubt who the happy couple are referring to when they promise ‘to… read more

Open Sesame! Denmark inks collaboration to open the doors of

Unless you have a penchant for online shopping, you may never have heard of But actually it’s the world’s… read more

Whiskey and more! How a Danish refinery is turning the beverage into energy

The highlands of Scotland are known for their stunning beauty, excellent fly fishing and, of course, world-class whisky. Now something… read more


Immigration to Denmark is nothing new ... just ask the Vikings

Ernst Stidsing, an archaeologist and the curator at East Jutland Museum, has discovered that the body of a woman buried… read more


The Road Less Taken: Is Danish happiness an inside job?

Some weeks ago I was conducting research at Danish schools trying to gain a deeper understanding of how Danes actively… read more

CPH Career: Deciphering a job ad

In my consultancy work I have noticed something astonishing about the way people understand job advertisements. Rubbish code crackers I… read more

Startup Community: Seven key learnings from building a startup

For the past two years, I have been a part of building a sustainable and scalable business for a startup… read more

This Week's Editorial: Above the clouds the sky is blue

In Beijing last weekend, the National People’s Congress opened with the promise to clear the air so the sky is… read more