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16 Mar, 2017
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Archeologists make sensational Viking discovery in Denmark

In what is being described as one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Denmark in recent times, archaeologists have… read more

Copenhagen turns to youth for summer clean-up act

Copenhagen prides itself on being one of the cleanest cities in the world – you can even swim in the harbour… read more

Denmark blasted for blocking marine conservation efforts

It’s a catch 22 for Denmark. On the one hand, the nation is a beacon for sustainability, and on the other,… read more

DTU Space develops special drone to monitor climate change in the Arctic

Researchers from Denmark’s national space institute, DTU Space, have developed new drone technology that will ensure more efficient monitoring of climate… read more

If they don't like my rules, let them eat cake, says Danish integration minister

The Danish minister for integration, immigration and housing, Inger Støjberg, is no stranger to controversy. However, her latest move seems… read more


Fabergé as Danish as he was Russian – as was his favourite client

It’s curious how history tends to discount maternal family lines when assessing nationality, but it’s come in handy for various… read more


The Road Less Taken: Is Danish happiness an inside job?

Some weeks ago I was conducting research at Danish schools trying to gain a deeper understanding of how Danes actively… read more

CPH Career: Deciphering a job ad

In my consultancy work I have noticed something astonishing about the way people understand job advertisements. Rubbish code crackers I… read more

Startup Community: Seven key learnings from building a startup

For the past two years, I have been a part of building a sustainable and scalable business for a startup… read more

This Week's Editorial: Above the clouds the sky is blue

In Beijing last weekend, the National People’s Congress opened with the promise to clear the air so the sky is… read more