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20 Jan, 2016
6° Celsius

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More Danes choosing to give birth at home

An increasing number of Danish mothers are preferring to give birth in the comfort of their own homes instead of… read more

Only tiny pesticide levels found in Danish fruit and veg

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of pesticide unwittingly ingested, then sticking to Danish goods is a probably a… read more

Messerschmidt asked to pay back 120,700 kroner for rented boat

Morten Messerschmidt, a member of the European Parliament for Dansk Folkeparti (DF), has been accused of misusing EU funds to finance the… read more

Controversial sky-high bicycle connection attracts criticism

The massive twin tower LM Project currently being designed for Copenhagen’s Nordhavn harbour district has come under fire for its… read more

Danish handball players body-painted into artistic warriors

Five female players from the Danish handball team have been transformed by body-paint into strong and aesthetic works of art… read more


Saxo Grammaticus, Denmark's man of letters and greatest ever scribe

There is hardly anywhere left on Earth today that doesn’t harbour lengthy shadows of its past. Every community values its… read more


Chart a path to the one-off crafts at the arty Xmas markets

Like every year, Copenhagen will become permeated with Christmas spirit way earlier than December. From mid to late November, the… read more

Warm your spirits with Christmas log and a glug of gløgg

Visiting most Christmas markets isn’t really about the shopping, it’s about the experience. Treat yourself to a cup of gløgg… read more

Vino at the Chateau: It’s a crime, you’ve had too much bad wine, there’s Amarone!

Rivalries run deep in the old world, and the long standoff between the two wine-producing empires of France and Italy… read more