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25 Apr, 2017
8° Celsius

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Danish researchers help reveal heightened Arctic melting

Some 120 researchers, including some from Denmark, are part of a comprehensive new report that reveals that the Arctic is… read more

Russia denies hacking Danish Defence computers

Niet, Niet, Niet! It wasn’t us. Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary for Russian president Vladimir Putin, has denied any Russian… read more

Tax authority can forget about outstanding billions

According to a new report compiled by the auditor firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) on behalf of the Tax Ministry, the Danish… read more

University of Copenhagen blazes the Nordic path in Nature and Science

When it comes to publishing the most articles in the world’s leading scientific journals Nature and Science, the University of… read more

Supermarket chain ups its efforts to reduce food waste

Dansk Supermarked, the concern which owns supermarket chains Netto, Føtex and Bilka, has admitted to throwing away 33,400 tonnes of… read more


The double life of the Vesterbro storekeeper/safecracker

Chicago in the 1920s was famous worldwide as a mecca for criminals and organised crime. Big city crime, however, was… read more


Late-April Events: No guts, no glory!

Following a sellout show in Brussels, the world’s number one kickboxing league, GLORY, is heading to the Danish capital, bringing… read more

Late-April Performance: The talk of the town

Talking Heads April 27-29, 19:00; HIT – House of International Theatre, HUSET-KBH, Rådhusstræde 13, Cph K; 80-150kr, Malmö theatre… read more

Late-April Music: On a break from Vile

Steve Gunn April 23, 20:00; Vega; 165kr A blues, country and free jazz singer known for his work as guitarist… read more

Late-April Art: The colossus of Copenhagen

Art Nordic April 28-30, Fri 14:00-19:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-17:00; Locomotive Workshop, Otto Bussens Vej 5A, Cph SV; 60kr; Copenhagen´s largest… read more