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02 May, 2017
13° Celsius

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Analysis: Copenhagen and Paris in lead for EMA relocation

According to a new analysis report compiled by the Dutch service company KPMG on behalf of the Danish pharmaceutical giant… read more

The worst toilet in Scotland? Try digging your hands into the oldest toilet in Denmark!

We only have the script’s word for it that Mark Renton has the misfortune of stumbling upon, and then into,… read more

Socialdemokratiet advocates for Australian or Canadian model for asylum-seekers

Henrik Sass Larsen, the group chairman of Socialdemokratiet, would like to see a new model for the processing and detention of… read more

Denmark reveals first blacklist for hate preachers

Six foreign religious preachers have been registered on Denmark’s first public list banning them from entering the country. Mohamad al… read more

Historic moment for Danish US football as Thor signs for Falcons

Andreas Knappe, 25, has become the first Dane to sign for an NFL team since Morten Andersen 35 years ago… read more


How the Danish PM was saved from death by a finely-tailored suit

No matter how much they lampoon and criticise each other, politicians would never resort to killing each other – or at least in Denmark!… read more


At Cinemas: Can crabby Charles or risky Ritchie lift the curse of Arthur?

The evidence suggests Queen Elizabeth II hates her eldest son Charles, who is just 22 and a half years her… read more

May Kids: Calling all the artists, authors and action men

Art Sunday at Louisiana Museum Sundays 11:30-13:30; Louisiana Children’s House, Gammel Strandvej 13, Humlebæk;125kr, kids 20kr; Prepare to be… read more

Early-May Performance: Tales of amour in the Big Apple

Lovers, Authors & Other Strangers May 2-7 & May 31-June 3, 19:00; House of International Theatre, Huset, Rådhusstræde 13, Cph… read more

What's on TV (April 28 - May 18): Downton's old drawing room?

Victoria DR1, May 6, 20:45, May 7, 20:00 Clearly this is the new drama that Britain’s ITV has been banking… read more