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09 Jun, 2017
22° Celsius

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Record number of MRSA cases in Denmark

A new report from the State Serum Institute (SSI) has revealed that Denmark saw the highest ever number of cases… read more

Danish music festival to drown in an ocean of water today

We kid you not! Frank Ocean is due on stage at the NorthSide Festival at 23:15 this evening, by which… read more

No, not David Brent ... this Danish company is Europe's most fun workplace

The traditional view has always been that ‘work and play don’t mix’, but it appears that they can and do.… read more

One in five Danes feel left out or lonely, new study shows

There can be any number of reasons why people choose to drop out of society and their social circle. Some… read more

Insects on the breakfast menu at Danish hostels

Three Greater Copenhagen branches of Danhostel – in Amager, Bellahøj and the city centre – are taking an untraditional approach… read more


Remembering Tivoli's founder: a showman with a fondness for champagne and jazzy waistcoats

Sometimes you have to trust the visionaries. Like Kevin Costner’s character in ‘Field of Dreams’. “If you build it, they… read more


Find out why everybody loves that man ... Bugsy Malone!

  Children’s musical theatre has its limits – for starters you can forget about Barry White impressions! And then there’s… read more

Early-June Music: Silvio's back with soul

Little Steven, who is returning to Denmark with his own band after a gap of 25 years, is one of… read more

June: the month of urban festivals

Combining music, art, talks and food, the second annual Heartland Festival is returning to the 16th century Egeskov Castle and… read more

Climbing's like life: it's an uphill struggle but the view is great

You may have heard that climbing is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sports for adventurous people looking to… read more