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27 Jun, 2017
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Danish authorities confiscating more cannabis oil

It seems as if oil derived from hemp plants is become increasingly popular in Denmark, at least according to new… read more

Norwegian cancels more flights out of Copenhagen

The cut-price airline Norwegian has again been hit by problems stemming from a shortage of pilots. A number of flights to… read more

Stop-and-search zones imposed in Aarhus

The police in Aarhus have decided to set up stop-and-search zones in the city in the wake of the increasing number… read more

BCCD sustainable innovation event draws impressive speaker list to ponder the future

Sustainability isn’t a fad. A quick glance at the guest speakers participating in the British Chamber of Commerce Denmark’s event… read more

More than two-thirds of all Danish companies active on social media

The member-companies of Dansk Industri (DI) are increasingly active users of sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. READ… read more


It’s the ‘is’ in Danish – an unthinkable absentee on a summer’s day

Did you know that despite its umlaut ‘ä’, Häagen-Dazs is supposed to be Danish-sounding? The original cartons even bore a… read more


Party like the Vikings at the Roskilde Festival warm-up

Over 1,000 years ago, Roskilde was the home of the Vikings, and singing, drinking and fighting would have been as… read more

The boy wonder, the club stirrer and the troop rouser – all destined for Copenhagen

Big name artists are descending upon Denmark like a swarm of locusts – at this year’s Roskilde Festival and beyond.… read more

Thought-provoking exhibition shows Moominland's creator in a new light

Although known to most people as the creator of the magical fantasy universe of Moominland, the exhibition of Tove Jansson’s… read more

Late-June Art: Her body is her canvas

Performance artist Marina Abramović has used her body as a form of expression to emit energy and a powerful artistic… read more