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24 Jul, 2019
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Danish 'hygge' canonised in Oxford Dictionary

A little Danish word that even Danes find hard to define has become so trendy in the English-speaking world that… read more

Infant mortality rate in Denmark low, but worst in the Nordics

In Denmark, just under four out of every 1,000 babies die within the first year of their life, according to… read more

Brexit fallout beginning to hit Danish fashion exports to the UK

The Danish fashion industry has been steadily increasing sales to the UK over the last few years. In 2014 exports… read more

Lego knock-offs from China spreading to the European market

For some time now, a Chinese company called Lepin has been producing copies of Lego products that are almost indistinguishable… read more

Overweight mothers can 'infect' children with tendency to obesity, Danish research indicates

Obesity can be the result of a number of factors – such as an unhealthy lifestyle or genetics – but… read more


It’s the ‘is’ in Danish – an unthinkable absentee on a summer’s day

Did you know that despite its umlaut ‘ä’, Häagen-Dazs is supposed to be Danish-sounding? The original cartons even bore a… read more


More than for the festival, they're 'Volunteering 4 Life'

The patchy weather over the last few days has not swayed the tens of thousands of festival-goers who’ve made their… read more

The boy wonder, the club stirrer and the troop rouser – all destined for Copenhagen

Big name artists are descending upon Denmark like a swarm of locusts – at this year’s Roskilde Festival and beyond.… read more

Thought-provoking exhibition shows Moominland's creator in a new light

Although known to most people as the creator of the magical fantasy universe of Moominland, the exhibition of Tove Jansson’s… read more

Late-June Art: Her body is her canvas

Performance artist Marina Abramović has used her body as a form of expression to emit energy and a powerful artistic… read more