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26 Apr, 2019
21° Celsius

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Denmark's racism law to join blasphemy law on the chopping block?

More people are being convicted of racism-related crimes in Denmark. In 2016, the number of cases almost doubled from 11… read more

Denmark submits bid to host European Medicines Agency ahead of Monday's deadline

Denmark has officially submitted its bid for Copenhagen to host the European Medicines Agency (EMA) once it leaves London due… read more

International News in Brief: Kim Kielsen's re-election bodes well for Greenlandic secessionists

Incumbent Kim Kielsen will continue his role as chairman of Greenland’s Siumut party, the resident Social Democrats of Denmark’s orbital… read more

Danish News in Brief: July's first summer day was almost its last!

Denmark finally had its first proper summer’s day in July on Sunday – a temperature exceeding 25 degrees – scuppering… read more

Minister sees silver lining in lower student uptake numbers

This year, almost every fourth student applying for a higher educational course failed to get onto their course of choice,… read more


As terror threat looms over Europe, an effective counterterror strategy is essential – experts

In Hamburg, a man killed one person and injured six others in a knife attack on Friday. The killer –… read more


Early August Events: The pinnacle of a petrol-head's year

Held since 2001, the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is the premier event in Danish motorsports – a high-octane, mobile museum of… read more

Brunch Reviews: Bowled over by acai in Vesterbro

Monarch among the Instagrammable dishes is the bowl – the neat arrangement of an aesthetically garnished dish seems to hold… read more

Brunch Review: Multi-coloured in Nørrebro

  Our top choice this summer is an establishment that many will feel they’ve already visited thanks to all the… read more

Everyone's favourite cheeky chappy is back to entertain you!

If you ever thought this musician would go quietly into the history books you would be mistaken. Few artists have… read more