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17 Aug, 2017
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Denmark to unveil historic LGBT initiative

For the first time ever, a Danish government will launch a LGBT action plan in a bid to prevent discrimination… read more

Being Danish PM "the loneliest job in the world"

It will be like a US presidential inauguration – Carter, the Bushes, Clinton, Obama, hopefully Trump next time – but… read more

Archaeologists make stunning treasure find in Denmark

What initially looked like a confectionery wrapper in the middle of the excavation of an early Stone Age palisade in… read more

New test can discover cancer before symptoms appear

A Danish researcher is part of an international research team behind a new genetic test that aims to uncover cancer… read more

End of the road for Danish 'X Factor'

Children up and down Denmark woke up to two bits of really bad news on Tuesday: they’ll never get the… read more


Caesar conquering Britain a 9th century invention by Alfred the Great

The Saxon king Alfred, a late ninth century ruler who unified several kingdoms of England and thwarted the Danish Vikings… read more


Marvelously mashed and cleverly cut to create a modernist classic 'Hamlet'

It’s often reported how the author of ‘Game of Thrones’ partly bases his books on the state of England during… read more

Murder and McKee at Hamlet's castle

If Hamlet Live, the ongoing visitor attraction at Kronborg Castle in which actors play out scenes from the play in… read more

Pride of the city: Welcoming everyone together under the rainbow flag

As Copenhagen Pride Week returns to the city, it’s time for love in the air once again. Kicking off on… read more

Concert Review: Lil’ Wayne’s big performance rocks the city

When it comes to open-air concerts in Copenhagen, Fredagsrock at Tivoli has always been a favourite among music lovers. And… read more