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28 Aug, 2017
21° Celsius

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Denmark inks new global food initiative

The food and environment minister, Esben Lunde Larsen, has established a new partnership that aims to promote the global agenda… read more

Record number of vehicle owners dodging inspections in Denmark

According to new figures from the traffic authority, Færdselsstyrelsen, a record 18,490 vehicle owners failed to turn up to mandatory… read more

Business News in Brief: Danes spending record amounts on net trading

Internet sales in Denmark are booming and foreign webshops are benefiting from the bonanza. In the first six months of… read more

TV3's cursing English football correspondent going viral

If there’s one guarantee when you move to Denmark, you won’t get any media work speaking English. The Danes might… read more

News in Digest: Summer loving? Depends who you ask

By now we really shouldn’t be too surprised by the heavy deluges that for almost a decade have signified that… read more


Caesar conquering Britain a 9th century invention by Alfred the Great

The Saxon king Alfred, a late ninth century ruler who unified several kingdoms of England and thwarted the Danish Vikings… read more


Late-August Events: Hive of summer activity at the harbour

For an entertaining voyage that is jam-packed full of events, take a trip to this nautically-inspired occasion. Participants of this… read more

Swoop: Sweeping down to the excited squawks of the Søerne spectators

For most folks, grabbing a parachute and leaping out of an airplane is thrilling enough. But for Swoop Challenge, that’s… read more

Book Review of ‘What’s so Special about the Danes’

Stephanie Madsen’s ‘What’s so Special about the Danes’ is an antithesis to the legion of books released in recent years that… read more

Shakespeare at the castle for just one night

‘Twelfth Night’ is the play the Bard envisages at the end of ‘Shakespeare in Love’. Twins separated by a shipwreck… read more