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06 Sep, 2017
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Copenhagen parents nearer power to reject unvaccinated kids from institutions

A new proposal from City Hall would give parental boards in Copenhagen’s kindergartens and daycare centres the right to exclude… read more

Swedish journalist killed by falling hatch-cover, submariner claims

The case of the dead Swedish journalist Kim Wall took another turn this afternoon when the accused submarine owner Peter… read more

City harbour deemed safer in wake of scooter tragedy

Copenhagen Harbour has been under intense scrutiny following the accident that left two US international students dead earlier this year.… read more

A quarter of Danes love a good holiday fling

According to a new survey by the Danish travel search engine Momondo, over a quarter of all Danes have enjoyed… read more

Business News in Brief: Migrant stowaways on DFDS ferry left in limbo

For five weeks now, the Danish shipping company DFDS has found itself in a legal stalemate regarding 12 migrants that… read more


King of the hill: Elephants, elegance and 170 years of Carlsberg

Some 170 years ago, a visionary brewer named Jacob Christian Jacobsen (1811-87) laid the foundations for a modern company in… read more


September Kids: Flying the flag and going to the dogs, as Tivoli approaches 173rd birthday

It’s not like we ever need an excuse to go to Tivoli, but there’s none better than helping the themepark… read more

Coming up Soon: Intense workouts, tats and salsa – the fake tan is mandatory

Need to burn some energy? This is your chance at a two-day event that combines unique workout classes with a… read more

Never mind golden days, this is about celebrating Copenhagen in its golden years

With a program promising music, film, culture, knowledge, history, treasure hunting, DJs and community, Golden Days wants to celebrate Copenhagen’s… read more

Early September Performance: Taking it to excess

There’s nudity, hyper-ventilating and some of the performers have plastic bags over their heads. No, this isn’t a re-enactment of… read more