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11 Sep, 2017
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Copenhagen to host major architectural symposium

The prestigious World Congress of Architects is coming to Copenhagen in 2023. Under the overarching theme ‘Sustainable futures’, the congress… read more

Danish News in Brief: Copenhagen Metro may be extended

Even before the currently under construction City Ring has opened, Copenhagen’s politicians are champing at the bit to take on… read more

AS Byatt scoops prestigious Danish literary prize

The committee behind the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award has decided that the recipient for 2018 is the British author… read more

Danish researchers break down resistant bacteria defence against antibiotics

There have been growing concerns in Denmark and the rest of the world when it comes to bacteria that are… read more

Danish aid going to refugees from Myanmar

The Danish government has set aside 20 million kroner in aid to assist the high number of refugees who have… read more


King of the hill: Elephants, elegance and 170 years of Carlsberg

Some 170 years ago, a visionary brewer named Jacob Christian Jacobsen (1811-87) laid the foundations for a modern company in… read more


Commendably flying the torch for Alvin Ailey

Back by popular demand is Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. They are performing at the charming Tivoli Concert Hall with… read more

From educator to educating: is this the dawn of a new age for Miss Wall?

You might recognise Dawn Wall, as she’s been treading the boards and pounding the advertising casting treadmill since the beginning… read more

Never mind golden days, this is about celebrating Copenhagen in its golden years

With a program promising music, film, culture, knowledge, history, treasure hunting, DJs and community, Golden Days wants to celebrate Copenhagen’s… read more

September Kids: Flying the flag and going to the dogs, as Tivoli approaches 173rd birthday

It’s not like we ever need an excuse to go to Tivoli, but there’s none better than helping the themepark… read more