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18 Sep, 2017
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Back to the chopping board: how immigrants are finding employment in the street food industry

Love knows no borders, but the immigration office and labour markets do. Kanuengnuch Kosriwong, 44, from Thailand knows this well.… read more

Business News in Brief: Dong wins contract for world's biggest offshore wind turbine park

The Danish company Dong Energy is going ahead with the next phase of the giant offshore wind turbine park in… read more

CBS student among victims in Marseille acid attack

A woman currently enrolled at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was among the victims of an acid attack in Marseille yesterday.… read more

Architects propose artificial island alternative to Copenhagen Harbour tunnel link

From building one in the Øresund to truly make Copenhagen and Malmö one major metropolis, to placing another in the… read more

Denmark unable to claim millions in foreign student debt

New figures from the Education and Research Ministry show that students from other EU countries have accrued student loan debt… read more


Claus von Bülow’s reversal of fortune offers hope to sunken sub owner

An eccentric Danish inventor, the suspected murder of a young woman and a crime scene that fits a Sherlock Holmes… read more


At Cinemas: Hailing the unsung members of Hollywood dynasties

It took me a while, but I have found an unlikely link between two of the films in this preview.… read more

From educator to educating: is this the dawn of a new age for Miss Wall?

You might recognise Dawn Wall, as she’s been treading the boards and pounding the advertising casting treadmill since the beginning… read more

What's on TV (Sep 15-Oct 5): 1960s America bang to rights

PICK OF THE WEEK: I Am Not Your Negro SVT2; Sep 25, 22:20 Raoul Peck’s 2016 doc is based on… read more

September Kids: Flying the flag and going to the dogs, as Tivoli approaches 173rd birthday

It’s not like we ever need an excuse to go to Tivoli, but there’s none better than helping the themepark… read more