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19 Oct, 2017
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Political majority want haven for unwanted babies

About once a year a newborn baby is found abandoned in Denmark, usually alive, but sometimes not – as in… read more

Novo Nordisk’s big hope green-lighted in the US

It’s been tough goings for Novo Nordisk in the US recently. But finally the Danish pharmaceutical giant has something to… read more

Prostitution could be eradicated if prioritised, claims Danish trafficking victim support group

Today is Anti-trafficking Day in Europe, and according to a Radikale candidate in next month’s municipal elections, not enough political priority… read more

New climate policy mechanisms a boon to Denmark's CO2 reduction plans

As part of an EU-wide initiative, Denmark has committed to a 39 percent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 in… read more

Giant wooden sculpture artist offers graffiti workshop to vandals of his work

As tabloid exaggerations go, it’s right up there with ‘Worse than Nixon’ – or at least pre-2017. Thomas Dambo’s six… read more


Denmark’s answer to the ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast was an ad for coffee

And to think we thought fake news originated during the 2016 US presidential campaign, and that spoof news was invented… read more


Concert review: The Future and present of rap

When a hip-hop megastar and one of the great influencers of his generation comes to town, hip-hop fans are going… read more

Few can resist Rita's aura in the company of That Theatre

It wouldn’t be autumn without another one-month run of a That Theatre production, and this year the indefatigable Ian Burns,… read more

A more learned option for children's winter half-term

For children who love to learn, the Museum of National History has an entire department dedicated to kids called Danish… read more

Museums Corner: Autumn break adventures with the family

Embark on a fun and colourful autumn break with the entire family, in and around Copenhagen. Art, animals and architecture… read more