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25 Oct, 2017
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Anna Mee Allerslev withdraws as mayoral candidate following yet another revelation

Anna Mee Allerslev, the deputy mayor of employment and integration in Copenhagen, has announced her withdrawal from the upcoming local… read more

Denmark sends huge aid contribution to Iraq

Yesterday the Danish government pledged to send 32 million kroner to help the plight of the Rohingyas in Myanmar and… read more

Danish pension firms criticised for Tesla investment

A report from the news service Ugebladet A4 has revealed that eight Danish pension firms have invested 140 million kroner… read more

Legoland expanding to include huge castle hotel

Families heading to Legoland will have the option of spending the night in spectacular fashion in a few years’ time.… read more

Telling the Danish government that illegal drug trade is playing into the hands of the criminals

One of the cornerstone arguments of the movement to legalise cannabis – which would appear to have the backing of many… read more


Denmark’s answer to the ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast was an ad for coffee

And to think we thought fake news originated during the 2016 US presidential campaign, and that spoof news was invented… read more


Concert Review & Interview: In good company with Oddisee, a hip-hop oddity

Oddisee is an aberration on today’s hip-hop scene: a lyrical MC who travels with a live band and banks on… read more

Danish Symphony Orchestra delivers with Dvorak

From the upbeat of the Rusalka Suite to the final note of Dvorak’s most beloved New World Symphony, the Danish… read more

Feline good: Tickets worth sinking your claws into

The West End production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical based on the poems of TS Eliot is coming to Copenhagen… read more

November Art: Looking to nature for guidance

Heather Gartside is a storyteller and photographer compelled to record what she sees and how she feels and reacts. At… read more