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23 Jan, 2018
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Danes out in force to support immigrant baker

Ali Parnian, the bakery owner who has seen his place of business ravaged by thugs for refusing to pay up… read more

Danish startups battling for million-dollar world cup

Over the next few weeks, startups from around the world will be vying to represent their country at the 2018… read more

News in Brief: Whigfield hoping for more Saturday night success in Danish Eurovision qualifier

Ten soloists will compete for the honour of representing Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon in May this… read more

Getting greener: Denmark to have more pristine forest areas

The government has teamed up with Dansk Folkeparti (DF) in a bid to increase the amount of pristine and untouched… read more

Moaners and whingers poison the atmosphere in many workplaces

If a new opinion poll is to be believed, the work culture at many firms is dominated by complainers. Not… read more


Get dialled in! Danes crowdfunding their way to the zenith of watchmaking

When investigating the revered art of watchmaking, it quickly becomes clear that the Swiss have got their time-piece mechanisms in… read more


Iggy Pop to headline Danish festival

“I am a passenger … and I ride and I ride.” Yeah, get ready to ride with Iggy Pop later… read more

On Screens: Oscars just like Christmas: Start with a turkey!

TV is dead. Long live TV. The way we watch it has changed forever and it’s time for us to… read more

Performance Preview: Shaffer salaciousness from the Playmates across the Sound

Playmate Theatre proved their expertise last summer with an inspired version of Alan Bennett’s ‘Talking Heads’ at the House of International… read more

January Events: Sex in the modern age – logged in and turned on

Following a successful two-day run in October 2016, resident House of International Theatre (HIT) groups Manusarts and Down the Rabbit Hole once… read more