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02 Feb, 2018
3° Celsius

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Capital region up in arms over municipal countervailing scheme

Should you have picked up Berlingske newspaper this morning, you might have come across an interesting full-page ad. The ad… read more

Culture News in Brief: Danish Cold War era bunker fortifying plans as World Heritage site

The Historical Museum of Northern Jutland is currently working on a plan to get the Danish bunker Regan Vest approved… read more

Research work frequently 'sexed up' by civil servants, survey reveals

When research work is carried out for government ministries and other agencies, the results are supposed to reflect the impartiality… read more

Selling property can end up being a risky business – for the seller

Under Danish law, anyone selling a house is responsible for any damage or deficiencies that might come to light for… read more

FC Midtjylland smashes Danish Superliga transfer record

Premier League side Crystal Palace have swooped in to snap up FC Midtjylland striker Alexander Sørloth in a record Superliga… read more


Kids not the only ones up to mischief at Fastelavn in years gone by

Terrible stories circulate around the traditions behind Fastelavn, the beginning of the carnival season. Some claim it began as a… read more


Film in February: Filling the void that is the winter events vacuum

Five international film festivals are opening their doors in February: Void Film Festival (Jan 25-Feb 3), Night Terrors Film Festival (Feb… read more

February festivals: Wondercool remnants still burning strong

These two survivors of the February festival Wondercool offer a welcome distraction from what can be Denmark’s coldest and most… read more

On Screens: Erasing Kevin – even if it costs all the money in the world

Did you know Jean-Claude van Damme was cast to play the alien in Predator, but was replaced during filming? Some… read more

Concert Review: Worthy of the Colosseum, Alt-J are let down by the Forum

Forum was not the best choice of venue for Alt-J. Their atmospheric tones and waves of psychedelia are best experienced… read more