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07 Feb, 2018
-1° Celsius

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A third of Danes believe a nuclear conflict is likely this year

Nobody has yet built a shelter in their garden or basement. That would be tricky, as most of them tend… read more

Government and DF agree to new tax agreement

Following months of negotiations and much-publicised problems, the government has finally come to terms regarding a new tax agreement in… read more

Warning: toxic dates in circulation

If you have recently bought Iranian dates in the Rema 1000 supermarket, the Danish veterinary and food authority Fødevarestyrelsen strongly… read more

Danish research still packing strong global punch

When it comes to prowess in research, few countries pack a punch like Denmark. According to annual research barometer review… read more

Cold weather compounds urban air pollution

With thermometers dipping down to nearly -10 degrees last night, some parts of Denmark saw the coldest temperatures measured in… read more


Kids not the only ones up to mischief at Fastelavn in years gone by

Terrible stories circulate around the traditions behind Fastelavn, the beginning of the carnival season. Some claim it began as a… read more


Art Preview: When Picasso was pottering about and affordable for all

Picasso isn’t particularly well known for his ceramics, and this was by no means an early pursuit in his life,… read more

Concert Review: A delightful trip to China

On February 2, the Royal Danish Academy of Music welcomed the distinguished pianist Jane Xie, who gave a concert-lecture dedicated… read more

February festivals: Wondercool remnants still burning strong

These two survivors of the February festival Wondercool offer a welcome distraction from what can be Denmark’s coldest and most… read more

Film in February: Filling the void that is the winter events vacuum

Five international film festivals are opening their doors in February: Void Film Festival (Jan 25-Feb 3), Night Terrors Film Festival (Feb… read more