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01 Mar, 2018
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Denmark could be far older than believed

On the historic Jelling Stones in Jutland it is written how Harald Bluetooth conquered and united all of Denmark in… read more

Politics News in Brief: Government aiming to get rid of ‘ghettos’ by 2030

Amid demonstrators and a heavy police presence this morning in the Copenhagen ‘ghetto’ Mjølnerparken, the government unveiled its full plan… read more

Danish parents going abroad for tongue-tie surgery on their infants

Some children find it difficult to breastfeed because their frenulum (the band of tissue that connects the bottom of the… read more

DMI warns of dangerous weather in south Denmark

The national weather forecaster DMI has issued a warning concerning dangerous weather in the southern part of Denmark and Bornholm… read more

Huge international media interest in Madsen trial

When submarine builder Peter Madsen goes on trial on March 8 for the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, there… read more


The double life of the Vesterbro storekeeper/safecracker

Chicago in the 1920s was famous worldwide as a mecca for criminals and organised crime. Big city crime, however, was… read more


Performance Review: Daring to ask whether humanity's number is up

The evening began with a scientific and spiritual debate between a panel of three experts on various matters related to… read more

Coming up Soon: cooking classes, comedy cartwheels and the chance to appear in 'Cabaret'

If life is a cabaret ol’ chum, maybe this is the calling you’ve been waiting for. Copenhagen Theatre Circle is… read more

‘Art in the making’: myth-busting and a behind-the-scenes look at the artistic processes

Anyone who has seen a Hollywood film about a famous artist will be familiar with the clichés about artistic creativity.… read more

Placed in an awkward position, whichever of the 69 is used?

The 69 in the title not only refers to the sexual position, but also the year, a significant one in… read more